Our Vision

Each day, each minute, all over the world there are people, and institutions looking for the opportunity to help those in need. Oftentimes this help does not reach the intended individuals or destinations due to lack of reliable means of reaching out to these individuals or communities in need.
The World Alliance for Limitless Opportunities (WALO) aims to facilitate provision of human and material resources to needy communities in Ghana. We see a future where resources that might otherwise be considered waste/useless will be channeled through us to places where they can be used. We envision a tomorrow where we shall supply clothing, medical equipment, technology, educational materials to needed communities in Ghana through the help of donors and our partners. We envisage a future where Ghanaian children can learn from their colleagues abroad through our cultural exchange program.


World Alliance for Limitless Opportunities (WALO) is a non-profit organization registered in Ghana. We support needy students pay for school, and supply clothing, toys, and educational materials to children, schools, individuals and communities in need.
Our future services include but not limited to provision of medical supplies to under-resourced clinics in Ghana, provision of shelter to displaced children and elderly, support of activities on environmental preservation and sanitation, supporting self-development activities by the youth and facilitating cultural exchange between Ghanaian students and their counterparts abroad. We shall facilitate travel arrangements of individuals with interest in volunteering in our various projects in Ghana.